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PvE Legacy Info

Casual + Never Wipes

Welcome to Arkade PvE Legacy!

🌍 Explore a world that never wipes! Our server is dedicated to preserving your progress, so you can build and thrive without fear of resets.

🤝 Join our friendly and supportive community! Whether you're a seasoned survivor or new to the game, our players are always ready to lend a hand and make your experience enjoyable.

🚀 Enjoy slightly boosted rates! We've carefully tuned our settings to provide a more streamlined and enjoyable gameplay experience, making resource gathering and taming a bit easier.

🛠️ Enhance your gameplay with quality of life (QoL) mods and plugins! We've added some fantastic mods and plugins to make your Ark adventures even better. From improved user interfaces to additional building options, we've got you covered.


PvE Legacy Settings

Slightly Boosted

XP: 2x

Taming: 4x

❇ Harvesting: 3x

❇ Wild Food Drain: 2x

❇ Breeding Interval: 15x

❇ Tribe Limits: 20 Players

❇ Max Wild Dino Level: 150 

❇ Character Level: 105 + 100

❇ Tribe Dino Limit: 150 dinos

❇ Automatic Server/Mod Updates

❇ Daily Restarts (8AM EDT) w/ Wild Dino Wipes

❇ Mutator: Enabled

❇ Gamma: Enabled

❇ Cross-Hair: Enabled

❇ Map Location: Enabled

❇ Nanny Imprint: Enabled

❇ Transmitter: Dino Scan Enabled

❇ 15 Soul Terminals Per Tribe (300 Slots Each)

◈ Aberration

◈ Antartika

◈ Center

◈ Crystal Isles

◈ Extinction

◈ Fjordur

◈ Genesis 1


◈ Genesis 2

◈ Island

◈ Lost Island

◈ Ragnarok

◈ Scorched Earth

◈ Valguero

◈ Svartalfheim


◈ Event Map

◈ Rotating Map

◈ EU Crystal Isles

◈ EU Extinction

◈ EU Caballus

◈ EU Genesis 2

◈ EU Ragnarok

◈ EU Fjordur

PvE Legacy Gallery


PvE Legacy Player Shops

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