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Team Roles


Support works to better the community by watching over ARKADE Discord channels to maintain a positive environment. This role is the basic moderator role, these team members gain the ability to monitor discord activity and help collect basic ticket information and label tickets to help expedite the whole process. Support members help and solve ticket problems that do not require an administrator to solve a ticket issuer's problem.

Game Admin

Much like Support, Game Admins monitor Discord to maintain a positive environment for the community. Assisting the community in any inquiries they may have and handling tickets that accumulate. Handling in-game issues like Tribe Ownership and Map Clean-ups by utilizing their basic knowledge of Ark Console Commands. All commands are logged and monitored to ensure fair play.

Server Admins

This role obtains the same responsibilities as Support and Game Admin. They have access to the server machines to assist with map crashes, fixes for config or/and plug-in issues, settings, and utilizing back-ups for testing or for review of complicated tickets. Setting up team meetings and maintaining an understanding of both cluster needs.

If you would like to join the team, please submit an application here:

Meet the team!

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