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PvE Survival Info

Challenge + 3 Month Wipe

🏹 Prepare for an epic adventure in a dynamic world that evolves with each passing season. Our server offers a thrilling experience with regular wipes scheduled every 3 months, ensuring a fresh start and a level playing field for all players.

☠️ We've cranked up the difficulty to present you with a formidable challenge, where survival skills are put to the test.

🤝 Gather your tribe, forge alliances, and adapt to the ever-changing environment as you conquer the wilds of Arkade.

🗓️ But that's not all! What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping gameplay engaging and immersive. With each wipe, you'll embark on a new journey as we introduce different seasons, each with its own unique twists and challenges. Our seasons will keep you on your toes and elevate your Ark experience.

Join us on Arkade's PvE Survival Server, where every wipe is a new adventure, and every season is a fresh challenge. Are you ready to conquer the Ark and thrive in this dynamic world?


PvE Survival Settings

Season 8: Omega

❇ XP: 2x

❇ Taming: 2.5x

❇ Passive Taming: 0.5x

❇ Harvesting: 2x

❇ Wild Food Drain: 2x

❇ Max Wild Dino Level: 150

❇ Breeding Interval: 0.3x

❇ Cuddle Interval: 0.39

❇ Creature Maturation: 15x

❇ Tribe Limits: 8

❇ Tribe Alliance: Enabled

❇ Tribe Dino Limit: 200 dinos

❇ Nanny Imprint: Enabled

❇ Transmitter: Dino Scan Enabled

❇ Personal Teleporter: Beacon Disabled

❇ Awesome Spyglass: Enabled

❇ Element Transfers: Enabled

❇ Tribute Transfers: Disabled

❇ Cross-Hair: Enabled

❇ Map Location: Enabled

❇ Gamma: Enabled

❇ Automatic Server/Mod Updates

❇ Daily Restarts w/ Wild Creature Wipes

❇ 15 Soul Terminals Per Tribe (300 Slots Each)

◈ Island Extended

◈ Ragnarok

◈ Caballus

◈ Crystal Isles

◈ Fjordur

◈ Lost Island

PvE Survival Gallery

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