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Welcome to ARKADE

We're excited to bring you thrilling gaming experiences! Currently, we host an Ark: Survival Evolved PvE Legacy Cluster,  Ark: Survival Ascended Clusters, and Rust servers, providing dynamic gameplay for our community.

Our Ark PvE/PvP clusters offer cooperative survival and exploration, where you can build alliances and thrive. For Rust enthusiasts, our servers offer intense multiplayer survival.

Arkade currently has three active clusters, offering a dynamic and challenging Ark: Survival Ascended experience. Join the vibrant ARKADE community for limitless gaming adventures, and let's embark on thrilling journeys together!


What we bring to the table

Gamer Network

If there's one aspect that fills us with the greatest pride, it's undoubtedly our gaming community. Our members are known for their exceptional friendliness, warmth, and readiness to assist newcomers. Many friendships have blossomed within our servers, leading to real-life meetups, and some even found love and kindled romantic relationships among our community members.

International Servers

As a global gaming community, our servers span from the USA to Europe. No matter where you're located, chances are we have a server nearby. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of a popular, efficiently managed gaming server while minimizing latency issues.

DDoS Protection

Gaming servers often face the threat of DDoS attacks from competitors, toxic players, or hackers seeking to hold our servers hostage. However, the ARKADE gaming community boasts top-tier DDoS protection.


Ark: Survival Evolved Servers

ASE Legacy Cluster

Allow us to introduce our no-wipe cluster, a meticulously crafted environment featuring slightly boosted rates and an array of quality-of-life mods. This cluster encompasses both NA and EU maps.

Legacy, now entering its fifth year, boasts an impressive lineup of 15 NA maps and 6 EU maps. This cluster stands as the largest and most vibrant community within ARKADE.


Ark: Survival Ascended Servers

ASA Legacy Cluster

This cluster offers the best of both worlds with three NA servers and one EU server, accommodating players from different regions. With a no-wipe policy, your progress and creations are safeguarded, and you can enjoy a relaxed, stable environment for a lasting gaming experience. Join our community, and embark on an adventure where your legacy is guaranteed to endure.

ASA Survival Cluster

This cluster is the ultimate destination for those seeking a challenging Ark: Survival Ascended experience. Our servers periodically wipe to ensure a fresh start and a renewed sense of excitement, making every survival attempt a thrilling adventure. Join our community and test your skills in a constantly evolving and competitive environment, where only the strongest will thrive.

ASA PvP Cluster



Check out our Content Creators!

Our content creators are the heart and soul of Arkade, with passion as their compass and innovation as their toolkit. They craft experiences that captivate, inspire, and delight. So whether you're embarking on epic adventures, losing yourself in mesmerizing art, or grooving to catchy tunes, remember that it's our content creators who make it all possible.


Groove into the Goodness!


Timeless Elegance, Deadly Elixir


Entertaining variety streamer conquering Ark's challenges with you!


A sleepy gremlin vtuber! Lording over her lake of tortured souls, all while masquerading as a dumb sheep. Baaa!


Join me for a joyful Ark adventure and let's forge new friendships!




UK gal obsessed with the universe, festivals and survival games

If you would like to become a content creator with us, please submit an application here:

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