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What are Tribe Reps?

A representative for your tribe and a point of contact for us in case we have a question regarding your tribe. In return for helping us keep track of tribes across all the clusters, you'll get access to the Tribe Rep Discord channels, to start tickets for your tribe, show up as a Rep in-game, and extend your base decay timer from 14 days to 21 days.

If you have applied already, please keep in mind it takes a few days for your application to be finalized as the ARKADE Team does this process manually. If you have applied already and your application is no longer there, it has been deleted due to missing information, please re-apply. 

Do you have enough members for a second Tribe Rep? For PvE Legacy, you need at least 5 tribemates. For PvE Survival, you need 4 to get a second rep! Please have the owner of the tribe sign up!

Tribe Rep Application

Application submitted!

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